Thursday, May 22, 2014

Day #9- Supreme Court, nap time :)

Today was a pretty calm day, for me anyway.  First thing in the morning we got up and met our guide Maria at the Supreme Court building. We were taken inside and given a tour of the fairly new building. London's Supreme Court is fairly new, being incorporated into the system only in 2009.  Before they brought in a Supreme Court, the higher cases were taken to the House of Lords in the Houses of Parliament. 
After our tour of the Supreme Court, we went to lunch and then there was the legal walk. Because I am not a Criminal Justice major, and I have learned more about the subject in the last two weeks than I ever would have anywhere else, Professor Nobiling gave me an out. Soooo what do I choose to do all by myself with an afternoon in London?! Take a nap...duh! Best 4 hour nap ever, and just in time for Paris the next day. 
The Supreme Court building.
Beautiful carvings on the Supreme Court building, all the buildings here are so pretty!

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