Friday, May 16, 2014

Day #3- Magistrate Court, National Gallery, and M&M World!!

Since my last post about the Met Police Station and the London Eye we have been very, very busy!  On Wednesday we woke up and went and toured the Magistrate Court and watched some cases.  After that we had the rest of the afternoon to do what we want, so Nick, Jessica, Mary and I all decided we were going to go to the National Gallery museum and M&M world.  The National Gallery was very interesting, it had a TON of beautiful paintings done by famous artists of the past.  A couple of my favorites were first the Washerwomen painting done in 1886 by Paul Signac, I found that one interesting because the artist painted it using the pointillist style of painting, which is basically putting a ton of dots on a piece of paper until you get the picture you want.  The other one that really stood out to me was the Avenue at Chantilly done in 1888 by Paul Cezanne.  This painting was sketched in pencil first, and then the artist put random color patches all over the sketch until it made the look of a lane of beautifully colored trees.  All of the paintings were very impressive and crafted in a unique way.  After the museum we decided to walk around for a while before going to M&M world, and right outside of the hotel were dancers with a stereo trying to make some money and there were tons of people standing around admiring them.  It is amazing to me how different paced London and Nebraska are.  Everyone in London is constantly moving in highspeed, but yet they all still have time to stop and appreciate artists along the way, whereas Nebraska seems to be much more slow paced, and may miss out on a lot of the arts because of the isolation we are used to.  Also, because of the isolation, it seems that we have much less respect for the arts than Londoners do.  
M&M world was after the museum, and it was seriously cool!  There are 4 levels to it, and each level has cute statues of different colored M&Ms posing different ways.  They had everything you could possibly imagine with the M&M logo on it.  Coffee cups, key chains, Christmas orniments, pajamas, and the list goes on and on.  The best part about the whole thing, though, was the fact that when you walked in it smelled like you stepped into a giant M&M.  It smelt SO GOOD! We all 4 got onto a machine that gave us our M&M color, I was purple, Jessica was orange, Mary was red, and Nick was black (werid I know).  Another post will be done soon about days 4, 5, and 6!

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