Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Day #2- Metropolitan Police Station and the London Eye

On day number two we went to the Metropolitan Police Station in Central London and talked with Constable Watson.  He gave us a short tour of the holding facility within the station and talked to us about the crime in London, weapons and method of the police here, and the goal of the force.  It was all very interesting, especially the weapons!  The police here do not carry guns, unless they are part of a specific force within the city that is trained in gun handling and use.  I found that to be very odd, considering that America's police force carries guns on a regular basis, and have to use them quite frequently really.  The laws against guns and knives are also very strict here, and we think they are in America!
After the police station, Dr. Nobiling, Jessica, Mary, Nick and I went to lunch at the Sherlock Holmes Pub before going to the London Eye! For those of you that don't know, the London Eye is a HUGE Ferris wheel that has glass pods attached that you can ride in.  At the top you can see a great majority of London, and it is so awesome!  After that we went to supper at a little pizza place called IL Fornello, and it was really really good! A picture of London Eye will be posted below, everything else will come later!

Me with Big Ben Clock Tower in the background while riding the London Eye

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