Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Day #1-Arrival in London!

Hello everyone! I am sorry I have not kept up on my blog postings, the wifi in our hotel is kind of sketchy and doesn't always work the way we want.  So, to begin the catching up I'll tell you about my first day in London!  The flight over went well, especially for being my first flight ever.  We had some turbulence for a few hours, but I didn't throw up so it worked out!  Once we arrived in London, we went directly to the Windsor Castle, which was beautiful! The cathedral inside was my favorite part of the whole thing, I had never seen anything that had that much history in such a form that this history was in.  It really is hard to put into words how impressive it was, and unfortunately we weren't allowed to take pictures, but if anyone ever has a chance to go you better go, you won't regret it.
After the castle we went back to the hotel and checked in.  The hotel is fairly nice, except for the stupid toilets and the stupid wifi.   The toilets don't flush right, and that sounds odd but it seriously took my two roommates and I the first two days to figure it out, and it still doesn't always work! Other than those two issues, the hotel is fine, and located in a good area of London with a tube stop very close.  After checking into the hotel we went to a restaurant called the Giraffe, and had some yummy food and our first alcoholic beverages of the trip!  It is still weird to me that being under 21 is legal here, but hey I'm not complaining.  Due to the fact that all of the pictures I took the first day are on my camera, I won't be able to share until getting home, but I have some for the next few days so keep watching for them!

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